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GOD AMONGST MEN: i havent used condoms regurly since 2004
H: well if i had lots of partners id use them
H: dont you have a lot
GOD AMONGST MEN: no, why does everyone think i'm a whore?
H: lol
H: one time i asked j if you had sex cuz you were super straight edge
H: and he said heck yea he does, he made it seem like you were a whore
H: lol maybe it just came out like that
GOD AMONGST MEN: no i usually average (use your imagination) girls a year, i hook up with a lot of girls, but i dont have sex with them all
H: so you just get head and leave
H: lol!
GOD AMONGST MEN: no, i'll have sex with a girl before they give me head
H: oh yea, are you the one that doesnt like it
GOD AMONGST MEN: only one girls sealed the deal
GOD AMONGST MEN: one girl this year started crying because she couldnt provide a happy ending, i tried not to laugh
H: she was actually crying?
H: freak
GOD AMONGST MEN: she thought i was a whore too, and would move on to another book to get my happy ending, it was a weird conversation
H: hahahaha
GOD AMONGST MEN: have you heard the dog collar story?
H: no

APACOLYPTO RULES!!! Despite it's anti-semetic undertones.

Avatar misseyre
12-26-06 14:36
elowel user
Is Apacolypto really violent? I want to see it...it looks really incredible, but that characteristic of his movies is kind of putting off.
Avatar godsbathroomflor
12-26-06 15:19
trapped in a homo-er
If you've ever read about Mayan culture followed by me saying Mel Gibson portrayed it pretty damn acurately (despite what psyuedo intellectuals say) there is your answer...ITS GORE FEST 06 BABY!!!

he didnt water down or sugar coat the atrocities of stuff that happened back then, and that gets my respect. Fight scenes are AWESOME!!! Mel Gibson should have directed Transfomers.....then it'd be subtitlted, and everyone would speak Cybertronian! yeah i'm really bored at work.
Avatar misseyre
12-26-06 15:56
elowel user
I respect that he portrays that culture so accurately, and that's why I really want to see it....I just don't know if I can handle it. Through the Passion of the Christ I was cringing...I'm sure I'll still see it eventually.
Avatar godsbathroomflor
12-27-06 11:33
trapped in a homo-er
some scenes look pretty fake though, because it was shot on video, not film...if that helps.
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