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will it work? 08-07-07 19:44
Without a dope track to slit your neck too!


don't worry its just music i made, not some techno virus that reads all your personal information off your computer, hacks all the websites you visit allowing me to steal your identity to pay off my college tuituion...heh heh....ENJOY!
"Denver, the last dinosaur
He's my friend and a whole lot more
Denver, the last dinosaur
Shows me a world I never saw before

Everywhere we go we don't really care
If people stop and stare at our pal dino.
Creating history thru the rock n' roll spotlight
We've got a friend who helps us, we can do alright

That's Denver, the last dinosaur
He's my friend and a whole lot more
Denver, the last dinosaur
Shows me a world I never saw before."

Denver the last dinosaur was clearly a instrument in the homosexual agenda to turn kids gay.
not that there's anything wrong with that.

WHORE ME!! 01-18-07 11:10
I quit my job, and i'm additioning for a reality tv show...my ultimate goal is to fight Danny Bonaducci in a cage match to the death!
i saw a duck walk on water yesterday...i called him the Jesus Mallard.

then this asshole kid with his remote control yacht hit the Jesus Mallard with the boat.
the Jesus Mallard died for your sins! REPENT!

but then i saw a whole bunch of ducks walking on water, and i realized the Jesus Mallard wasnt that special. but then the Jesus Mallard rose on the third wave, and started pecking the kid with the remote controlled yacht.

this post was based on a true story.
The Water Cooler Romance part deaux as performed live by the Velcrow Syndicate 5!!

GOD AMONGST MEN: Hey, happy new year.
really HOTT coworker: Thank you, happy new year.
GAM: what's your name?
really HOTT coworker: Dinky.
GAM: im sorry what?
really HOTT coworker: Dinky.
GAM: uh, how do you spell your name?
really HOTT coworker: D-i-n-k-y.
GAM: wow, interesting name.
really HOTT coworker: interesting name...THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!!

(she then proceeded to kick me into a very large whole in the ground)
Pete and Pete was the real dope show, ask Marilyn Manson.
DANCE PUPPET, DANCE!!! 01-02-07 09:28
the Water Cooler Romance as perfomed live by the Velcrow Syndicate 5!

coworker: why do you change your name every 30 minutes on your cubicle.
GOD AMONGST MEN: eh, something to do.
coworker: you're weird.
GOD AMONGST MEN: weird...weird! THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!

(i then proceeded to kick her down a very large whole in the ground)
I dont know what to write...but i wrote...therefore i am.
SHAMELESS PLUG!! 12-27-06 11:34
Check out my two movies a few posts down... THANK YOU!
YES, I AM STD & KID FREE 12-25-06 23:37
GOD AMONGST MEN: i havent used condoms regurly since 2004
H: well if i had lots of partners id use them
H: dont you have a lot
GOD AMONGST MEN: no, why does everyone think i'm a whore?
H: lol
H: one time i asked j if you had sex cuz you were super straight edge
H: and he said heck yea he does, he made it seem like you were a whore
H: lol maybe it just came out like that
GOD AMONGST MEN: no i usually average (use your imagination) girls a year, i hook up with a lot of girls, but i dont have sex with them all
H: so you just get head and leave
H: lol!
GOD AMONGST MEN: no, i'll have sex with a girl before they give me head
H: oh yea, are you the one that doesnt like it
GOD AMONGST MEN: only one girls sealed the deal
GOD AMONGST MEN: one girl this year started crying because she couldnt provide a happy ending, i tried not to laugh
H: she was actually crying?
H: freak
GOD AMONGST MEN: she thought i was a whore too, and would move on to another book to get my happy ending, it was a weird conversation
H: hahahaha
GOD AMONGST MEN: have you heard the dog collar story?
H: no

APACOLYPTO RULES!!! Despite it's anti-semetic undertones.
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